Take A Step Into An Enchanting Spiritual Journey In Nusa Penida

Take A Step Into An Enchanting Spiritual Journey In Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of Bali’s sister islands. Along with Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, it formed into their own group and has a distinct unique tourist attraction in each one of them. It located in the farthest among the others. Separated 20 km away from Bali, only a small group of people know about its whereabouts. Some might say that this island is really underdeveloped compared to others and their infrastructure are really bad to the point of hurting your body in every trip in here.

However, in these past few years, Nusa Penida has gain people attention for its countless instagrammable spots. Nowadays, you could spot many tourists hoping around the island with their rented motorcycle while exploring Nusa Penida’s hidden beauty. Even though the road might be a lot bumpy and you will need to pour all of your energy in your way, the magical scenery waiting ahead is definitely worth every drop of your sweats.

While many people might prefer to rush their adrenaline into the island’s highest point, some people come to Nusa Penida due to the serenity that this island’s offer and indeed it rarely be found in the Bali where dozens of people come and go every day. Some also really love to be drowned in its unique cultural habits. Like what most remote island has, Nusa Penida give a sense of tranquility and relaxation, guiding for people who want to take a spiritual journey amidst their hectic life. Some places in Nusa Penida are definitely worth to be put in your itinerary, especially if you are the one who into a spiritual adventurous journey.

  1. Pura Penataran Agung Ped (Ped Temple)

Ped Temple is named as the biggest temple complex in Nusa Penida. Every 6 months on Balinese calendar, you could see the ceremony of Pujawali or Piodalan in this temple. And if you come to Pura Segara, one of 4 temples in here, you could hear relaxing unique melodies come from the waves in the sea.

2. Pura Paluang (Paluang Temple/Car Temple)

You might find something unusual in this temple and probably would be the most unique temples you’ll ever see. Like any usual temple, Paluang Temple has shrines in there, but it shaped like cars! Those cars were carved by hand out of stone. Back then, the elders even claim don’t know the shrines shape like a car because the temples stood strong long before any cars came to Indonesia. Moreover, locals stated that sometimes the sound of car engines would come from this temple at night.

3. Goa Giri Putri (Giri Putri Cave Temple)

Often dubbed as the princess cave, could fit thousands of worshipper inside. Unlike most temples in Bali that have strong Hindu’s culture, this temples carved in harmony with Buddhist elements and Guanyin goddess’ shrine inside.

If you the type of person who loves to be connect with local culture and story, these places are a must-visit for you when in Nusa Penida.

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