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Tropical Handmade soap means soap is processed by handmade with natural ingredients from tropic areas such as Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Seaweed and the aroma is typical of tropic like Ginger, Banana, Aloe Vera, and Jasmine.

We guarantee that all material we used is natural. We do not use paraben, SLS, synthetic color, detergent, and preservative substances. All is totally natural.

Noesa soap started from downstream level in agricultural field or farm until it’s all processed into bar of soap.

  • Turmeric Soap – for optimal bright skin and anti-inflammation
  • Seaweed Soap – for optimal skin nourishmen
  • Coconut Soap – for optimal skin cleansing
  • Aloe Vera Soap – for optimal sensitive skin treatment

More info you can read our soap

  • Turmeric soap with Ginger Aroma
  • Seaweed soap with Jasmine Aroma
  • Coconut Soap with banana aroma
  • Aloe Vera Soap with Aloe vera aroma
  • If you are in Nusa Penida Area, you can easily get noesa soap. The list you can find in Nusa Penida Shop
  • If you are not in Nusa Penida area, you can buy it online. The procedure can be found in how to order page.

Yes you can. Please read at custom formulation in service menu.

Of course you can. Our production house is open for anyone who interest to see the process.

  • You can visit us at
  • Rumah produksi sabun alami Nusa Penida
  • Desa Toyapakeh, Kecamatan Nusa Penida,
  • Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali – Indonesia
  • 80771

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