Our Featured Product

Turmeric Soap

for Optimal Bright Skin and Anti Inflamation

The vitamins in turmeric help to reduce the dark spots which appear as a side effect of  sun light exposure. Turmeric also contains a fine anti-oxidant and  anti-inflammatory material which helps to cure skin itchiness and skin ulceration.

Seaweed Soap

for optimal skin nourishment

Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals which are needed by the skin. This soap is suitable for people who have a lot of activities under the sun light.

Coconut Soap

for optimal skin cleansing

This soap is suitable for people who have oily skin. Substances in this soap are very good for reducing  the dirt and oil from the skin surface. Enjoy the fun of  a bubbly soaping experience using coconut soap.

Aloe Vera Soap

for optimal sensitive skin treatment

The minerals and vitamins from aloevera are suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Lignin from aloe vera can penetrate  the skin and act to prevent the loss of water from the skin surface.

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