Bali is More

Bali is More

As we may know, An island with its potentials will give us so many things to see, so is Bali. The sun sets of Kuta Beach. The clouds changing its color to red while the sound of waves crashing the rocks. The locals with its unique vibes. The sound of the live music at the restaurant near the beach. The traditional performance offered the legend story that we have not yet discovered. in short, Bali is a story to tell.

There are lot of things you can do in Bali. you can go surfing at Kuta Beach. Hiking to see sun rising beautifully at the top of Mount Batur. Taking a pictures with wild monkeys at Ubud Mount Forest. You could walking around at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces since its paddy fields are so a refreshing place for eyes to see. And also you can go to the traditional place or local farms that Bali has offered you. You can see there are lots of local attractions and it could be something that you have never seen. You can go shopping local goods everywhere, and it’s handmade.

Bali is more than just an island with its beautiful beach scenery. If you have never go to an island that offers you glorious things, Bali is a good island to visit.


by Mutia Novianti


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