Little Thing With Big Hope

Little Thing With Big Hope

What do you think first if I mention a word ‘island’? Definitely, people have a different answer. Some of them maybe answer, it’s a high land in a prosperous country, a wide place where human and land animals live, or maybe they think that an island is a beautiful place for relaxing, calm and quiet.

Now, as you know there are two specific sizes of the island, there is a big or small island. And do you know there is a pretty little island in Indonesia? Many people called this island “Dewata island”, “The Island of One Thousand Temple”, and after Julia Roberts, a Hollywood actress, came for the shooting of a romantic film, this island is well known by the name “The Island of Love”. Of course, this island is Bali, an island with cultural and tourism wealth.

It’s too mainstream if I’m here writing about one of wonderful destination in Bali or about how unique the cultures are. There is one thing that attracts me enough about Bali. A little thing that useful for human life. The thing that often we found in the seashore. There are various colors of it, beginning from green, red, brown, even golden and the texture is chewy. Covered beach surface, this thing is usually taken by the farmers. Yeah, we called it seaweed.

As one of the biggest seaweed producing country in the world, at beginning 2011 Indonesia produced 3 million tonnes of seaweed and surpassed the Philippines as the world’s largest seaweed producer. By 2011, the production was estimated to have reached 10 million tonnes (Wikipedia). And Bali is one of the island that producing seaweed the most in Indonesia.

Let’s call it Nusa Penida, the part of Bali island that producing much seaweed. In this district, there are two kinds of seaweed, cattoni and the rare seaweed species, Spinosum. Even, this rare seaweed can only be found in Nusa Penida, it’s spinosum. Spinosum is included in Rhodophyta group, red algae. Because of its scarcity, spinosum being an expensive commodity.

Seaweed itself has a lot of benefits, especially for the material of cosmetics and skincare product. It contains more than fifty percent of vitamin C and has a lot of mineral sources. With creativity, Nusa Penida has one natural product from seaweed, it’s noesa soap. I think you can’t found any of very pure soap product except noesa soap. Maybe for you, it’s just a natural soap but if you want to know more just visit Nusa Penida and found that there is a big hope inside.

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