About Noesa Soap

Who we are

Inspired by the abundance of natural resources of the land and coastal area in Indonesia, in cooperation with the local communities we aim to serve your favorite body care product which is madeof selected quality natural ingredients.

Deliver body-care products to the citizens of the world that are made of premium selected materials from Indonesia and being processed with theprinciples of quality, beauty, usefulness.

  • We explore and optimize our natural resources potentials in sustainable ways
  • We produce innovative and qualified products based on local wisdom to meet the local and global market demands
  • We develop human resources to build an independent and competitive society
  • We optimize profitable business growth strategies to improve the welfare of thecommunities and the stakeholders

Noesa is the first product developed by Nusa Berdaya Social Enterprise. We are working together with local people in Nusa Penida by applying integrated business system that cooperates with several communities in the Island to produce Tropical Handmade soap. To produce less than carbon footprint, we collect all materials from the island within radius 3 miles away by collaborate with many farmers such as coconut farmers, aloe vera farmers, seaweed farmers, and turmeric farmers. We trained them how to process their agriculture product and standardize to improve the quality of product then supply to our production house in Toyapakeh Village. We practice a fair trade from the farmers and also the women’s group to create the impact.

Meet our team

Inspired supported by a team of professionals with experience of more than a decade

Andriza Syarifudin CEO & Export Manager

A passionate person with Business development and Local Wisdom in Indonesia

Kadek Agus COO & Local Marketing

A passionate of Marketing and Nusa Penida Local Champion who wants Nusa Penida getting prosper

Retno Nuraini Chief RND

An ocean researcher who is Passionate with community development

Join us as business partners and get many benefits…