Surviving the Skincare Craze

Surviving the Skincare Craze

Scrolling through your social media page, there’s no doubt that you will find an advertisement or post about skincare. Skincare has been on the rise for these past few years, there is an increasing amount of interest towards the skincare industry. A lot of people have been paying attention to skincare, making it as a business and hobby. Social media advertisement or endorsement is proven highly effective in promoting skincare. As consumers, we must be smart about choosing skincare products for ourselves before purchasing.

The first thing before choosing a skin care is knowing your skin type. It is very important to understand what your skin needs and what your skin doesn’t need. Skincare promotions, like other products, comes with promotions and testimonials. We have to find the testimonials and reviews from people with similar skin type as ours but it is also tricky since we don’t really know if it is sponsored or not. The safest way is to test out a little bit of the product and see the reaction of our skin after a few hours or days. The most common skin types are oily, dry, combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin, you can easily find more about them on the internet, trusted sites of course to find out what is your skin type.

The second thing to do is doing a lot of research about the skincare product, yes, this doesn’t sound fun at all. We know that out there, counterfeit skincare products are being sold because of the high demand and popularity. Counterfeit products are very dangerous since they can contain unsafe chemicals that we are unaware of and instead of making our skin better, it is damaging. There are numerous amount of skincare product categories such as sunscreen, toner, moisturizer, serum, cream, masks, face wash and many more that makes you wonder do I really need all of that ? The answer is actually no. Different from popular beliefs, I actually think that the less you put, the better, it is according to your own needs, not because everyone is using it you suddenly need one. Only you can determine what products suits you and seek medical help (dermatologist) if needed, they will help you decide.

Last but not least is to stay in budget. Skincare prices ranges from cheap to very expensive. We have to set a budget for skincare also because it is very easy to be lured into buying a new product (personal experience). You may use a priority list of the products that you need urgently for your skin condition, frequency of usage and the effect it has on your skin.

Skincare can somehow be addicting but we have to stay balanced so that our skin and wellbeing stay healthy. You can also easily help others by posting reviews on social media or online beauty platforms. In this millennial era, there are a lot of things to be obsessed about, not just skincare, so keep in mind that we should still stay sane.


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