Nusa Penida, A Little Paradise for Underwater Enthusiasts

Nusa Penida, A Little Paradise for Underwater Enthusiasts

In addition to its mainland, Bali, Nusa Penida is another epic site you should visit and enjoy. Nusa Penida is one of three Nusa islands which is located off the southeastern part of Bali Island. To reach Nusa Penida from Bali, you can simply head to Sanur Port and take fast boat to Toyokapeh Port for about 30 – 40 minutes.

Compared to two neighboring islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida is less developed and is the most remote island in Bali Province. However, the picturesque scenery of its beaches and the beauty of nature will always amaze you.  If you are an underwater lovers, this touristic place will be your favorite paradise to dive or snorkel.

In Nusa Penida, there are several wonderful diving and snorkeling spots such as Crystal Bay, Toyokapeh, Malibu Point, and Manta Point. Starting from Crystal Bay, a shining and stunning white sand beach with crystal-clear water. This spot is excellent for snorkeling and diving where you can see schools of batfish and anthias. Besides, swimming with ocean sunfish (Mola mola) will be an incredible moment you will never forget.

Apart from Crystal Bay, there is a spot named Toyokapeh where you will find underwater Buddhist Temple with dozens of sculptures. Toyokapeh is also a very nice site to see the rainbow-colored coral reefs. Turning to two best diving sites, Malibu Point and Manta Point, these places are exceptional spot where you will encounter manta ray, stingray, tigerfish, tuna and even sharks.

Indeed, those extraordinary spots will give you unforgettable life experiences that you will never get from other places. Come and visit Nusa Penida!


Indra Pujianto

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