Four Hidden Paradise In Nusa Penida, You Must Come!

Four Hidden Paradise In Nusa Penida, You Must Come!

Maybe, you have explored Bali Island many times. But, do you have visited Nusa Penida? Yup, Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is the largest of three islands off the south eastern coast of  Bali.  If not yet, you should add Nusa Penida to your list of destination. Because there are lots of hidden paradise ready to fascinate you, and of course makes you feel comfortable and wants to make you come again and again!Here we go…

  1. Angel’s Billabong

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If you want sit an relax on the rocks, enjoy the waves and panorama that makes the eyes can not turn. Angel’s Billabong is the place!. Angel’s Billabong is the mouth of a river that ends in the sea, forming a long pond flanked by a coral wall. The colour of the sea is turqoise, and the water is clear, so you can see the recesses of the bottom.

  1. Pasih Uug (Broken Beach)

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One word to describe this place: Amazing!. Especially, if you go to the beach when sunset, moreover you come with person you love. Wah It’s perfect!.


  1. Cristal Bay Beach

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The next hidden paradise in Nusa Penida is Cristal Bay!. A variety of flora and fauna, beautiful coral reefs will give their own colors for your diving and snorkeling experiences.


  1. Manta Point

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Swimming and diving accompanied by fish, of course it will be a fun experience right?. Manta point is a must place for diving enthusiasts, besides there are beautiful marine life. When you diving, you can meet with manta rays with various motifs.

So, this is four hidden paradise away in Nusa Penida! Besides the four places above, of course there are many other cool spots in Nusa Penida, which could be a collection of your instagram photos! So what are you waiting for, add Nusa Penida to your destination list. And find the hidden paradise in Nusa Penida!

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